Alexandria Lattimore is a performing artist, dancer, writer, and orator. She works with communities and individuals to express their histories and narratives through art, particularly movement. 



Alexandria's mission is to work with adults, teens, and youth, to express themselves artistically so that they might catalyze social change and personal growth. 

It felt great that we did something we liked and we got to do something that was actually worth it
— Middle School Student, St. Stephen's Youth Program, South End Boston, MA

What We've Achieved

  • In the past 5 years, Lexy's worked with over 200 youth and teens, teaching creative movement and history.
  • In 2015, Lexy organized an Arts Festival at the East Boston Farmers Market. It was the first of its kind and showcased the diversity of artistry in Boston. Over 150 people participated. 
  • Lexy raised over $750,000 to support the health care of low-income families and children in Boston.
  • We've taught in 3 different states and two countries!
  • Lexy worked to fight childhood obesity by teaching dance, fitness, and nutrition courses for Spanish-speaking immigrants, youth, and teens in Boston. 
  • Some of the students Lexy's worked with have gone on to lead community organizing campaigns and workshops themselves!