Lexy brings out the youthful energy and the wise elegance of community stories, told by average citizens intent on their message. Working with Lexy evokes joy, serenity, talent, poignancy, loss, gratitude and empowerment. In Lexy’s transformative program, I became a more compassionate and empathetic member of the human family.
— Ethel Simonetti , age 71, member, Lyon Park Neighborhood, Durham North Carolina
The range of imaginative, artistic and practical, logistical skills needed to pull off this performance was considerable, but at the end, the hard work never showed. It had been turned into beautiful, powerful expression of the history of a community, at risk of being forgotten but now danced back into life.
— Richard H. Brodhead, President of Duke University
It was such an honor to work with Lexy in the “A People to Believe In” show, and embody the rich histories of community members through dance and other forms of artistic expression.
— Kalifa Wright, Student
It was amazing to do the project, I had fun doing it and that when Lexy supported us to do this project!
— Middle School Student, St. Stephen's Youth Program, South End Boston, MA