Here are a few of our community projects.


A People to Believe In, Durham, NC

“A People to Believe In” is about the West End, one of Durham, North Carolina's historically black neighborhoods. The project combined history, oral narrative, movement, poetry, and theater to commemorate and celebrate the community. Alexandria completed oral history interviews and ran movement workshops to encourage community members, past and present, to express their narratives through dance. The final performance was a compilation of personal and communal stories, original music and choreography, student poetry and fine art, written historic accounts and photos.

The range of imaginative, artistic and practical, logistical skills needed to pull off this performance was considerable, but at the end, the hard work never showed. It had been turned into beautiful, powerful expression of the history of a community, at risk of being forgotten but now danced back into life.
— Richard Brodhead, President of Duke University

Ubuntu, South Boston, MA

"Ubuntu" was sponsored by Wheelock College's Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy program. Alexandria served as the lead artist at the St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Boston. She taught movement workshops and facilitated discussions. Students created a project that explored their experiences with violence, culture, and family. They performed their work before 100 other Boston teens and parents.

I liked that we could go to this amazing college and people liked our awesome project and got a reward for it.
— Middle School Student, St. Stephen's Youth Program, South End Boston, MA

Let's Get Movin', East Boston, MA

"Let's Get Movin'" is a pediatric obesity lifestyle change program. Alexandria taught dance and nutrition classes for teens and youth battling obesity, parents, and other high-risk diabetes patients. Many of her workshops were bilingual (English/Spanish).